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We are a consultancy service, and a specialist importing agent for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. We also provide our expert services in launching natural organic products, and health and wellbeing products to the UK, EU and USA markets.


Our partners and customers are at the heart of how We behave and what we do. Thus, we are committed in providing a value-based proposition to our partners by acting with integrity, transparency, and one that is ethically correct. This allows us to form trusted value-based partnership, that makes all the stakeholders proud.


We will do so in context of wholehearted commitment to build a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners, to strive towards a common goal and a shared agenda.


Meet Chand

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I am currently offering my expertise by providing specialist solutions/market access across the South East CCG’s in the category of men's health and women’s health. Furthermore, I bring a wide range of experience of over 15 years to offer in the pharmaceutical/healthcare sectors where I have provided market access and product launch strategies for reputable organisations, such as Pfizer, Reckitt Benkiser, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever. These have included therapy areas such as cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory, dermatology, wound care and gastrointestinal to name a few.


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Meet Akshar

I am Currently offering my expertise in providing specialist solutions/marketing strategies across the USA with reputable healthcare organisations . I have worked in various therapy areas including diabetes and organic natural products.

Business Partner

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